“It’s true, I could write my essays myself, but definitely not THAT fast…”

Here at our website, we have plenty of information-packed pages that you could use to get answers to specific questions concerning rates, deadlines and guarantees. However, sometimes to make the final decision about trying or not trying a certain service, you need more than just cold hard facts. You need to feel how it all works, and this is possible only through the first-hand experience. The thing closest to such experience is feedback of other people who have used the service.

In other words, we have decided to dedicate this page to testimonials received from our customers over the last calendar year. To take older ones would be irrelevant since a lot has changed over the past twelve months.

We have not edited the feedback we have received and, naturally, we have included the testimonials that were not shrieking with excitement. We want to be honest with you. Honesty is good for a company-customer relationship. We hope you appreciate that.

So, let us start with Daniel (for obvious reasons, we will not specify his last name). Daniel has used our services on several occasions, mostly when deadlines were too tight for him to cope on his own. Being a med school student, he understood the importance and value of time. In a little over than a year, we have created two essays and a research paper for him. Here is his feedback:

“Over the last few months, I have used Essay.Education three times in total. The thing I was surprised with most was the speed of work. It literally took hours to finish essays and a little more than two days for a research paper. The quality was more than satisfactory. I could probably do the papers a bit better by myself, but it would take me weeks. Besides, the quality was more than satisfactory. I definitely recommend this service, especially if you are in a hurry.”

I admit it that writing my essay was fast, but it required plenty of fixes later!

Here is the story of another customer – Ruth. By now, she has ordered two papers at Essay.Education. To tell you the truth, there was a little problem with her first order. You see, Ruth has not clarified all her requirements when placing the order (probably was too impatient to start). That is why the paper concept created by her writer was quite different from what she had expected.

When the paper was finished and sent to Ruth’s address, she has discovered a number of mismatches. Yet we were ready to handle the complaint! Due to our free revision option, Ruth had her paper revised twice free of charge. In three days, her paper was brought into compliance and delivered to her again. This time, Ruth was completely satisfied. Here is what she had to say when we asked her for feedback:

“Using Essay.Education was a pleasant experience in that they turned out to offer strong follow-up services. My first paper was written very fast, but some of my requirements have skipped my writer’s attention. However, the company was ready to fix this free of charge. My paper was ready only three days later, which I was fine with since I ordered well before the deadline. While the quality of the paper was fine and the price was fair, I do recommend to order early to have time to use their outstanding free revision option.”

Here is what EVERY customer gets!

We will not be taking any more of your time to share more feedback, of which we have plenty. Our corporate policies are very strict in aspects that concern customer service. That is why we rarely get any complaints, and if we do, there are means to deal with them quickly and effectively.

In short, this is what we offer to all our clients without exception:

  1. Impeccable service all year round, regardless of the season
  2. Attention to order details that are never lost or neglected
  3. Guaranteed follow-up services for every order
  4. Guarantees to protect client’s interests
  5. Individual assignment of writers in line with customer’s requirements
  6. Fair pricing that takes into account the order history and available discounts
  7. Writer/customer cooperation via a chat board tool

To find out what else we have to offer and get more detailed information, visit Prices or Why Choose Us pages. You can also contact us directly at or toll-free number or through an online chat window. We are here to help you achieve your academic goals without overstraining. Our dedicated team of specialists will make sure you get the grade you want. Try now!